2010-02-02 02:42:35 by IPaidthePrice

Lol is this some kind of journal or sumthing? Cus I dunno really know XD Well, after browsing New Grounds for YEARS I've decided to finally make an account, I've been using this for how much... 5 years now? And didn't had the decence of making an account XD So here it is and here I am, now in New Grounds. I do some graphic design, no I'm now graduated on that, and I am self thought, I use Photoshop CS4 for my GIFs and designs, I only save in .png files and that seems to be a problem here too :P anyways, if you are interested on my designs check out my site www.hashbrowndesign.tk I have a team of designers that will gladly attend to your call and I may as well, so here I am, in New Grounds.